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Want to Grow your business?

Are you tired of losing money on prescriptions that you have no control over?

BonaRx® Medication Savings Card is designed for today’s competitive pharmacy market to help you drive more cash customers to your pharmacy by having access to dispensing data from your local market.

You may ask Why?

Because your business depends on data. Everyday big-box stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Wal Mart and Amazon utilize data to drive healthcare consumers to their door.

How do they do that?

Big companies have access to big data including patient’s demographic info, prescriber’s information, drug and medication resources and the pharmacy data which you provide them. Companies like CVS spend billions in Data Integration, Enterprise Analytics and Visualization to understand their customers or target local customers right from your store. CVS and GoodRx partnership (GoodRx Gold), Walgreens (, Wal Mart (SingleCare) and the latest for Benzer Pharmacies partnering with WellRx all indicates that there is value in dispensing data. Community Pharmacies have always been disadvantaged because they do not have the budget, resources or the know how to use their data to help them Compete, Grow and Thrive.


How can BonaRx® help you?

Our proprietary software and analytic tools are created by our president and founder who is a practicing pharmacist with over 40 years of experience which included store ownership. Our advisory board consist of experienced pharmacists and advisers with over 75 years of combined experience in pharmacy practice. We can show you exactly how to target your patients and build a successful business.

What’s your ROI on our program?

The ROI for our program is huge since the program is 100% FREE and the only cost is the cost of printing your cards. Just think of tens-of-thousands prescription filled everyday in your neighborhood and the type of data you can get to build your business or a more patient centric patient care.